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Earn 30% commission for every sale you make – Affiliate – Earn money with referrals Partner program – Earn money with referrals

Get a 30% commission on every referral you make

Earn a passive income by recommending products.
in one simple step

Awesome Rewards

On-time Payouts

Marketing Tools

You can earn a 30% commission by recommending products. Sell more, Earn more! Once you reach the payout threshold, you can enjoy your payouts at the end of every month via Paypal. Promote our products by choosing attractive banners to be used on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earn a passive income by recommending products.

How to start getting sales?

Why Join Partner program

We will provide you with tools to help you promote products on your website campaign. You’ll have banners and links at your disposal. When a user clicks on the banner, he will be redirected to our website. You’ll be entitled to your payout after the sale.

Because you’ve got a whole lot to gain and nothing to lose! We have been developing premium WordPress Plugins for our users for quite a while now. We also provide high quality support to our customers. Our partner program comes with real commissions.

How is my commissions calculated?

How do I receive my commission?

Lets say you have sold 100 copies of products at $39 each, your commissions are:
100 copies x $39 x 30% = $1,170
You’ll receive Paypal payouts at the end of each month for every referral you make during the previous month.

Important: The minimum payout threshold is $50. The moment you reach the threshold, it will be released

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